MyLawBC uses pathways to diagnose your legal problem and give you a solution. As you go through a pathway, MyLawBC asks you a series of questions. Your answers determine what information and resources you see. And they determine the action plan MyLawBC gives you at the end of the pathway.

Once you finish a pathway, MyLawBC gives you an action plan tailored to your situation. Your action plan is based on the information you give us. It covers:

  • what you need to know,
  • the first steps you can take to solve your problem,
  • the next steps you can take, and
  • where you can get more help.

Download your action plan for future reference.

Pick the answer that's closest to your situation. For more difficult questions, MyLawBC gives you extra information to help you decide.

When you finish the pathway, MyLawBC gives you a summary of the answers it used to develop your action plan. Review the summary to make sure it reflects your situation.

Yes. As long as you haven't gotten your action plan yet, you can change your answers. Clicking Previous question takes you back one question. Once you change your answer, click Continue and finish the rest of the pathway.

No. To protect your privacy, MyLawBC doesn't save any of your answers after you leave the site. For example, if you use MyLawBC at the library, the next person who uses the computer won't see your answers as long as you close the site before leaving the computer.

No. MyLawBC doesn't save your answers or action plan once you close the site. Download a PDF of your action plan so that you can refer to it later.

If you've experienced an error, we want to hear about it. Fill out the form on our Feedback page and we'll look into the problem.

Yes, but it needs your input. After you read the information and answer the questions in the Make a will pathway, you download a blank will form in Microsoft Word format that’s tailored to your situation. Then you fill it out on-screen, following the instructions in the form, save and print it, and have it properly signed and witnessed. Our video, Making your will, describes in more detail how this will form works.