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Remote Child Support Mediation

Change or make new child support agreements or orders with help from a professional mediator

Remote Child Support Mediation is for you if:

  • your income has changed because of COVID-19 and you want to temporarily change your child support payments, or
  • you and the other parent have separated and you need to make a child support agreement or order.

You and the other parent will get help from a professional family law mediator for up to five hours, at no cost to you, if one of you lives in BC.

Family Resolution Centre

Make a parenting plan with help from a mediator

The Family Resolution Centre is for you if you and the other parent want to make a parenting plan about decision making for your child and living arrangements. You'll be guided through the steps, and can ask for a coach to help you. After you've both proposed an initial parenting plan, you can ask for a professional family law mediator to help you, at no cost to you.

You'll get a downloadable parenting plan to print out and sign.

Dialogue Tool

Make a separation agreement

The Dialogue Tool is for you if you and your ex want to make a separation agreement without the help of a mediator. You'll be guided through the steps and will both decide what's important for your children, money, home, and other property.

You'll get a downloadable separation agreement to print out and sign.

Before you begin

In some unhealthy relationships, one person has more power than the other. This can affect how well you communicate and cooperate as you separate. And it can show up as abusive behaviours. Your and your family's safety may be at risk.

If you're worried about a power imbalance, go through our Make a safety plan pathway first.

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