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Your mediator is specially trained to help you and the other parent discuss your child support issues and help you change or make child support agreements or orders. They won't take sides with you or with the other parent, but will help you and the other parent find the solutions to your problems together.

Your mediator will contact you and the other parent, and you'll together decide what method of communication is best for you all.

Working with the other parent on child support issues can be stressful. But you can do it, and your mediator will help! They'll help you and the other parent set communication rules and boundaries, and provide important information about child support. The mediator will guide you in your discussion and decisions, and help you put your agreements in writing.

You can let your mediator know if you have any concerns.


Make sure you have enough time to think things through and can focus on what you're doing. But don't worry - you don't need to decide everything right now.

Pick the right place. Make sure you won't be interrupted, and that you have the privacy you need.

Try to be businesslike when you communicate with the other parent. Be polite, even if you don’t feel like it! This will set the tone for your communication.