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Change your child support agreement or order

Get a free professional mediator if:

  • Your or the other parent’s income has changed because of COVID-19
  • You want to change your child support payments temporarily
  • You and the other parent want a mediator's help
  • One of you lives in BC

If you're not sure how to approach the other parent, the mediator will help you.

Make a child support agreement

Get a free professional mediator if:

  • You want to figure out a child support agreement
  • You and the other parent want a mediator's help
  • One of you lives in BC

Your mediator will work with you and the other parent remotely. They will use whatever technology everyone is comfortable using, (phone, Teams, Zoom, etc.). This service is free for all eligible British Columbians.

Before you begin

In some unhealthy relationships, one person has more power than the other. This can affect how well you communicate and cooperate as you separate. And it can show up as abusive behaviours. Your and your family's safety may be at risk.

If you're worried about a power imbalance, go through our Make a safety plan pathway first.

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You'll get an email within two business days letting you know what information you'll need to gather for your mediator. If we can't help you, you'll get an email with resources to help you deal with your child support issues.

Once you've worked out the changes to your child support, your mediator will help you document the changes and give you resources for your next steps.

It’s a very good idea to have a lawyer look at it before you sign it. These resources will help.

If the mediator can't help you, they'll give you referrals to organizations who can help.

Remote Child Support Mediation resources