People's Law School publication

This problem-solving manual for advocates and other legal professionals helping clients with consumer or debt problems is available as a Clicklaw Wikibook. It covers 45 topics on problems people experience with:

  • consumer purchases,
  • contracts,
  • borrowing money, and
  • being in debt.

Each section includes sample client problems, summary of the relevant law, recap of information needed from the clients, and suggestions for solving the client’s problem.

As a wikibook:

  • the online version is fully linked to legislation, forms, and cases,
  • the manual is mobile friendly, and
  • a print-on-demand copy is available to order.

Note: The information is up to date as of August 2018.

For more information, see People's Law School.

This manual replaces Consumer Law and Credit/Debt Law, which was published by the Legal Services Society (Legal Aid BC).

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