Create a simple will to fit your needs

With this guided pathway, you will:

  • see if your situation qualifies for a free will template to make your own will
  • learn key decisions you need to make to prepare your will
  • learn how to make your will valid

The pathway asks you questions about your situation. Based on your answers, if your situation qualifies for our free will template, you will get a downloadable will template in Microsoft Word.

Whether or not your situation qualifies for a will template, you will get an action plan tailored for you, explaining how to prepare and sign your will.

It takes less than 10 minutes to answer the questions. It's completely private; your answers are anonymous. See our privacy policy.


Before you begin

Use this worksheet if you'd like to make notes as you go through the guided pathway.

MyLawBC doesn’t cover some situations. Read more to see if you should continue.

People’s Law School has more information about who needs a will and what wills cover.

See Preparing or updating your will during coronavirus by People's Law School for more information about making a will during COVID-19.