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Financial uncertainty can be scary. MyLawBC can help you figure out your mortgage issues during the pandemic. Our services are all online, and we'll give you links to other helpful online or phone-based services. The government's COVID-19 Economic Response Plan has information about mortgage support.

Please see Online access to justice for more help, and our frequently asked questions page.

Whether you've missed making a mortgage payment or you're worried about missing a payment, MyLawBC can help you. This guided pathway asks you questions about your mortgage issue and gives you the best available resources for help, based on your answers. You get a downloadable PDF action plan with checklists, tips, and where to get financial and legal help.

If you decide to go to court, get an overview of foreclosure proceedings and follow the steps to prepare your case.

If you default (don't make payments), your lender (bank, credit union, insurance company, private individual, or loan company) can take legal action to try and repossess (take back) or sell your home. This legal action is called foreclosure. In most situations, your lender doesn't want to repossess your home. That can be a long and expensive process for them. They would rather have you keep your home and keep paying them.

This pathway takes about 20 minutes to complete. Your answers are anonymous. See our privacy policy for more information.