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Get help with the issues families face when they separate

No matter where you are in your separation process, MyLawBC can help. First, make a separation plan to find out what your options are for working through your family law matters.

Get family orders if you've tried to resolve your issues out of court and can't, or if you need to get interim or consent orders. (An interim order is a temporary order. A consent order is an order you ask the court to make based on the terms you and your spouse agree to.)

Or find out what to do if you've been served with court documents.

Before you begin

In some unhealthy relationships, one person has more power than the other. This can affect how well you and your partner communicate and cooperate as you separate. And it can show up as abusive behaviours. Your and your family's safety may be at risk.

If you're worried about a power imbalance, it's a good idea to go through our Abuse and family violence pathway first.