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Trouble logging in

On the Family Resolution Centre login page, click the Forgot password? button, and follow the instructions to reset your password.

Check your Spam or Junk folder first. If the emails are not there, then notify and provide them with a different email address to use.

This is likely due to an interruption in your Internet connection. Try refreshing your browser. If that doesn’t work, log off and then log back in. If the comment still doesn’t show up, you’ll have to type it again.

Making your parenting plan

Usually, yes. Writing a parenting plan for each child ensures that both parents have taken the time to consider each child’s individual needs.

To find out the status of your your parenting plan:

  1. check your email notifications, or
  2. log in to the Family Resolution Centre and check the text in the centre screen. Here you’ll see what the current status is (for example, 'Mediation in progress'), what the next steps are, and when the deadline is.

No. Your chats can be as long as you like. It’s a good idea to keep to one idea per chat as this helps you both focus on the issue you’re discussing.

You might want to have your parenting plan included in an order that includes other issues (such as child support). Or you may want the parenting plan to become part of another legally binding agreement. Your mediator will be able to advise you on your next steps, or see

Complete your parenting plan and add it to an order or agreement for information on how to include your parenting plan in another agreement or order.

When you’re exchanging proposals with the other parent, there’s a general legal rule that says if you’re trying to reach a settlement with someone else in a legal dispute, your communications can’t be used against you in court. This rule is called settlement privilege. Any communications that can’t be used as evidence in court under this rule are privileged (can’t be used against you in court).

For more information about how settlement privilege works, see Can your spouse use your settlement talks against you in court? on the Family Law in BC website.

In mediation, there are strict confidentiality rules that you agree to before starting mediation. Those confidentiality rules also apply to parents using the Family Resolution Centre even if you don’t choose to ask for a mediator (for example, you can’t screenshot, copy, or print any data).

If you can’t both agree on your parenting plan: next steps

Your mediator can discuss your options with you. For example, you could use the issues you and the other parent do agree about as the basis for an order.

Privacy and security

Protecting your personal information is our top priority. MyLawBC’s Family Resolution Centre can only work because of the trust you place in us. We designed it so that your personal information is secure.

We keep all the information you give us on secure servers in Canada. These servers follow the ISO 27001 security standard to make sure your information is safe.

For more information on how we store and use your information, see our Privacy Policy.

No. Your chats in the private chat room are only seen by your mediator. This private chat room will be called Your name/Mediator.

Files you uploaded in the intake process (like your ID) will only be seen by your mediator. (The other parent won’t see any of the information you typed in the intake process, except your name.)

Once you and the other parent have each proposed a parenting plan, the other parent will see any files you upload to the main 'Talk it out' window or the 'Files' window.

If you want to share a file only with your mediator, upload it to your private chat (called Your name/Mediator). This ensures that the file is only accessible by you and your Mediator.

All files are securely stored in the cloud in Canada.

Using the Family Resolution Centre

Creating an account is quick and easy:

  1. On the Family Resolution Centre homepage, click Create Account. The Create Account page appears.
  2. In the text boxes, enter your first name, last name, email, phone number (use the format (000) 000-0000), and address, and click Submit.
  3. Check your email for a Registration Confirmation email. Click Set password. The Set Password screen appears.
  4. In the text boxes, enter, then repeat your password. Click Set new password.
  5. The Family Resolution Centre login page appears. Sign in with your credentials.

Yes. You can use any computer that's connected to the Internet. There are public computers at libraries and hotel business centres. But always remember to log off your session so that you don’t accidentally share any private information.

You and the other parent must each have an email address. You’ll get links and important messages by email. And you always need an Internet connection to work on your parenting plan.

No. You will always need an Internet connection to work on your parenting plan.

You will receive an email notification from You can’t reply to these emails. Add this email address to your contacts list to make sure the emails aren't sent to your junk or spam folders.

You need to download the file first and then open it. To download a file, click the file name. This will place the file in your Downloads folder on your local hard drive (computer). Please note that you are responsible for the security of these files once on your computer.

No. Every file you and the other parent uploads is part of the case file, and can’t be deleted. The other parent won’t be able to see ID you upload when you start your parenting plan.

If you don't want to upload your ID right now, you can email for a coach to help you get started. Your coach will be a fully qualified family law mediator. Please note, you can still have a mediator help you after you both propose a parenting plan. You will have to upload your ID now. It will be a different mediator than your coach, so you can be assured of neutrality in helping you reach agreement.

Yes, once you have registered all your information. Every time you click Continue, your parenting plan is saved. You can log out at any time. When you log back in, you can choose to either continue with your current parenting plan, or start over.

Yes. If you'd like help before either of you have proposed your parenting plan, ask for a coach to help you get started or unstuck. Your coach will be a fully qualified family law mediator. Please note, you can still have a mediator help you after you both propose a parenting plan. It will be a different mediator than your coach, so you can be assured of neutrality in helping you reach agreement.

Once the first parent has proposed their first ideas for their parenting plan, and the second parent has responded with their own proposed parenting plan, you can ask for a mediator to help you if you haven't agreed on all issues. In the left sidebar, click the Request Help from a Mediator button. You’ll get an email when a mediator has been assigned to help you.

A file is any document you upload, like a Word file, a PDF, a photo you upload of your driver’s license, etc. These are all visible in the Files window.

About the Family Resolution Centre

If you're not satisfied with the mediation services you received, we'd like to know. Email us:

  • Your full name
  • Your case number
  • A clear idea of the problem you experienced, including the name of your mediator

We will follow up with you and try to resolve the situation.

Other complaint options

Mediate BC has set some of the highest Standards of Conduct for Mediators and Med-Arb Practitioners in Canada.

Mediate BC complaint process (PDF)