Once you and the other parent have agreed on all the issues, your mediator locks your parenting and/or child support arrangements. You need to download the PDF and print a copy.

  1. Go to the Files area in the sidebar on the left. Your parenting or child support arrangements PDF is there.
  2. Download the PDF by clicking the filename.

Finalize your arrangements

Once you’ve downloaded your arrangements, take some time to think about them before you sign anything. You need to make sure you’re comfortable with what you’ve decided.

Don’t sign anything if you feel any pressure to do so. At least one other adult should witness the signature. The same person can witness both parents' signatures.

Have a lawyer look at your parenting or child support arrangements

It’s a very good idea to have a lawyer look at your arrangements before you sign them. Check other resources for information about where to get legal help.

If a mediator helped you create your arrangements, you need to add a signature page. Download the PDF and sign it.

To make your parenting or child support arrangements legally binding, you both need to sign it and have your signatures witnessed. You can also include it in an order or agreement that deals with other issues, like support.