Intake is the first step of using the Family Resolution Centre. Enter your name, your children's names, your email address, and the other parent's email address. Then answer some questions.

If you want help during the intake process, use Talk it out to chat to your professional family law mediator.

If you choose to work on child support arrangements, the other parent gets an email letting them know they need to send you their financial information. (You have to send your financial information to them, too.)

Review your information. To make changes, click Previous to go back one page, or choose the page you want to edit from the Navigate to Page drop-down at the bottom of the page.


When you’re sure your information is correct, click Next to start making your parenting and/or child support arrangements. The Family Resolution Centre will send you an email with a link to your session. Click that link to come back to your session any time. 

Propose your parenting and/or child support arrangements


Choose the options you think work best for your child. If you choose to make both parenting and child support arrangements, you see the following 8 sections:

  • Decision Making and Guardianship
  • Parenting/Contact Time
  • Statutory Holidays and Special Days
  • School Breaks
  • Vacation
  • Transportation
  • Additional Parenting Arrangement Terms
  • Child Support

You get an overview of each section, with examples explaining your options. Choose what you think is best for your child. Legal clauses are generated from your choices.

If you’re not sure what to choose, select the custom arrangement option and type “I’m not sure.” If you ask for help from a mediator, they’ll see which issues you’d like help with.


You’ll see the clause you’re proposing when you review your arrangements. You can change your mind and go back to choose a different option.

Once you’ve gone through all 8 sections, you’ll review your proposed arrangements. If you want to change anything, use the Navigate to Page drop-down menu and go back to the section you want to edit.


When you’ve finished, click Continue to send your proposed arrangements to the other parent.

Are my answers saved?

Your answers are saved each time you click Continue and go to the next section of the Family Resolution Centre.

When you come back, you start at the place you last saved.

The other parent is invited

After you submit your proposed parenting and/or child support arrangements, the other parent gets an email inviting them to the Family Resolution Centre. They answer the same questions you did, and can either agree with the choices you made or choose different options.

The other parent then submits their proposed parenting or child support arrangements.

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