1. This Privacy Policy is part of our Terms of Use ("Terms") of the Services. This Privacy Policy describes the personal information we collect through the Services, and tells you how we collect, store, use, and disclose it. Please read all sections of this Privacy Policy and the Terms.

    "You" means you, the user of the Services. "We," "us," or "our" means the Legal Services Society of British Columbia (Legal Aid BC).

    We provide legal aid to the people of British Columbia as set out in the Legal Services Society Act. Legal aid includes public legal education and information.

  2. Changes: Privacy Policy
    You are responsible for regularly reviewing this Privacy Policy. We may change this Privacy Policy at any time without telling you. Check this page for updates. If you use the Services after we change this Privacy Policy, you are bound by the changed Privacy Policy.

  3. Collection and Use of Personal Information
    If you use the Services, you give us permission to collect, store, use, and disclose personal information about you. This includes User Info as defined in the Terms, your name, address, birth date, email address, phone number, and documents you create using the Services. The Internet Protocol (IP) and network domain name (e.g. Shaw.ca) and address (e.g. will be collected for all users. Other personal information will only be collected as volunteered when using the Family Resolution Centre.

    We collect and use personal information to help you resolve a legal problem. People that may have access to your personal information include you, anyone you share User Info with using the Services, our staff, our contractors, and any organization or service provider we use to make the Services available to you.

  4. Use of Email and Internet
    You may choose to send emails to MyLawBC, for example, to:

    • report a technical problem, ask a question, or report missing or confusing content; or
    • send information to an external email address.

    We collect and store this information in order to respond to your email or send information to the external email address you provide. By sending emails through MyLawBC, you agree to the collection of information, including personal information, for the purposes set out above.

    Although we have taken reasonable steps to protect your privacy, the Internet and email are not secure media. We cannot ensure your privacy when you use them. We are not responsible for any damages you or any other person may suffer if you send information through the links in MyLawBC. We are not responsible for any errors or changes made to the information.

    In some cases, we may need to provide your email address to a contractor. This includes sending this information by email and Internet outside of our server in Canada to a contractor who may be outside Canada in order to resolve a technical problem. If so, we will get your informed consent before doing so. In this case, you accept sole responsibility for the privacy risks noted above. Without your consent, we may be unable to resolve the technical problem and unable to continue to provide the Services to you.

  5. Sharing Personal Information
    We may only share personal information for the same purpose that it was collected unless we have your permission or are required to do so by law. Except for information you provide through the Family Resolution Centre, under Section 23 of the Legal Services Society Act, we keep the personal information you provide confidential as if you had provided it to a lawyer. We may be required or authorized by law to disclose your personal information to another party.

  6. Storage of Personal Information
    Legal Aid BC stores all personal information on a server in Canada, except as noted in section 4 above. When you visit MyLawBC, we collect a small amount of information so the web server can operate. For example, the website search function collects information you submit through the Services. When you use the Family Resolution Centre, we store your personal information so we can provide the Services to you. Your account with us will have your name, email address, any online discussions with other people, and documents you create.

    For services provided through MyLawBC, such as FRC, there may be use of communication technologies such as email, internet, video conferencing, texting, phone, instant messaging or transferring of documents through cloud storage. While we (LABC and its contractors) take all reasonable steps to protect your information and privacy, you take sole responsibility for the risk associated for using any of those communication technologies.

  7. Retention of Personal Information
    Your personal information may be retained for as long as necessary or is relevant for the purpose it was collected for or is required by law.

  8. Rights to Your Personal Information
    You may access and change some of your account information in the Family Resolution Centre at any time while using that Service. We keep a copy of the original personal information you gave us, even if you changed it. Please see section 12 if you believe the information is incorrect and you can no longer correct the information yourself.

  9. Grouped Data
    If you use the Services, you give us permission to group your personal information so that it does not identify you ("Grouped Data"). Grouped Data may include the pages you access on our Services, the date and time of visits, search terms you use, which browser you use, and your answers in the Family Resolution Centre (including any demographic information you supply, such as level of education). We use Grouped Data to monitor and improve the Services. Your anonymity is therefore reasonably protected but not fully guaranteed.

    We license the platform and software on which we base some of the Services, and contract with service providers to maintain, support, and upgrade the Services. We may use Grouped Data for statistical purposes.

  10. Cookies
    Our Services may use cookies to monitor the use of our Services and to gather information used to provide the Services to you. Cookies are stored in the temporary memory of your electronic device. They may be stored after you sign out from our Services or close your browser.

  11. Security
    By using the Services, you agree that there is no guarantee that we can or will eliminate the risk of unauthorized access to your personal information.

  12. Contact Us
    If you have any questions about the collection of personal information, or believe that your personal information in MyLawBC needs to be corrected and you no longer have access to make the correction yourself, please contact:

    Manager, Communications
    Legal Aid BC
    400 – 510 Burrard Street
    Vancouver, BC  V6C 3A8
    Phone: 604-601-6000