MyLawBC helps you find solutions to your legal problems.

About MyLawBC

MyLawBC gives you the tools you need to identify, manage, and resolve your legal problems.

Guided pathways — get an action plan

Guided pathways use an interactive question-and-answer approach to guide you to a solution to your legal problem.

MyLawBC asks you questions about your situation. MyLawBC then generates a plan for you based on your answers. This plan gives you the background information you need to work through your legal problem. It'll tell you what you need to do now and do next. And it'll let you know where you can get more help.

We have guided pathways to help you with:

The Dialogue Tool — write an agreement

If you're going through a separation or divorce, you can use the Dialogue Tool to create a separation agreement. The Dialogue Tool helps you and your spouse work together to make an agreement that's fair and takes your family's needs into account.

The first step of making your agreement is for both you and your spouse to answer a series of questions. This lets you set out your initial ideas and identify priorities for your agreement. Once you've both answered those questions, you can see how close your visions are.

The Dialogue Tool uses your answers to these questions to generate the clauses that go into your separation agreement. The clauses are the legal language that sets out what you agree to.

You can use the Dialogue Tool to communicate with each other and share information. We’ll give you the tools you need to make informed decisions as you go through the process.

In the end you'll have a separation agreement that lays out, in legal terms, all the important decisions that you've made.

The Family Resolution Centre — make a parenting plan

If you have children and you're going through a separation or divorce, you can use our Family Resolution Centre to create a parenting plan that’s in the best interests of your children. A parenting plan outlines how you and the other parent will raise your children. It includes agreements about spending time with your children and making decisions about your children. But a parenting plan doesn't include child support.

When you use the Family Resolution Centre, you can ask for help from a professional mediator, fully qualified under the BC Family Law Act.

First, you'll go through an intake process, where you choose from a selection of options. Choose the options you think work best for your child. The other parent is then invited. They'll answer the same questions you did, and can agree with the choices you made in your proposed parenting plan, or can choose different options.

If you both don't agree, you can ask for a free professional mediator to help you and the other parent create a parenting plan. You'll use the online chat room to chat with the mediator privately, and you can also chat with the other parent and the mediator.

Once you've reached an agreement on every issue, you'll download your parenting plan.